Ankle Cradle and Leg Support System


Ankle Cradle and Leg Support System
Designed and Manufactured by Creative Medical Devices™️, LLC.

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Our innovative system provides soft, comfortable support from the knees to the ankles and allows the patient’s heels to actually float above the bed.

  • Small (pediatrics & young adolescents)
  • Medium (anyone up to 150 pounds)
  • Large (150 pounds or greater)
  • Extra Large (200 pounds or greater)

Bulk Discounts:

  • 1-5 units = $40.00 each
  • 6-100 units = $38.00 each
  • 101 units & greater = please call for pricing


Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Our patented Ankle Cradle and Knee Support System provides a higher standard of care for patients across a variety of medical settings, including the OR, Catheter Lab, ICUs, and long-term care facilities. Its simple, yet innovative design helps reduce the incidence of heel pressure ulcers caused by extended supine positioning.

Memory-Foam Design

The system’s engineered open-cell, memory-foam design mitigates pressure sores typically associated with extended procedures when patient mobility is not desired. If the patient is required to remain flat and static for prolonged periods of time during recovery, our system travels with them to the PACU or their hospital room.

Prevents Involuntary Knee Or Ankle Movement

This two-part system also simplifies work for the circulating staff and physician by comfortably securing the patient’s ankles and legs in an elevated, static position, which prevents involuntary knee or ankle movement during use. The Ankle Cradle​ and Knee Support System is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large; the small size is intended for pediatrics and adolescents, medium for teens and mid-sized adults, and large for larger patients.

Product Results

Stage IV Pressure Ulcer

20 days after using the Ankle Cradle and Leg Support System.  The Pressure Ulcer is virtually gone & the patient can walk again.