SecureGlide™ Line Organizer: Individual Version

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With safe, easy transfer from the OR table to transport gurney, to PACU, to the patient’s bed, the SecureGlide™ OR improves organization and speeds patient transfers. Individual 4-line units allow bedside IV line control in ICU or Step-down units.

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  • 1-50 units = $6.00 each
  • 51 units & greater = $5.50 each


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If a patient is a direct admit to an ICU or Step-down unit, the individual 4-Line IV Organizer is the perfect solution for organizing up to 4 IV lines. Any RN knows that nothing is worse than needing to reposition a patient, but having to remove IV lines from a holder first. Consequently, many RNs avoid using any type of IV organizer and instead allow IV lines to just dangle (and tangle) across the bedrails, frequently touching the floor. With our innovative design and smooth SecureGlide plastic material your nursing staff can reposition a patient continuously without needing to remove any IV lines from the SecureGlide. Our SecureGlide product allows for absolute ease of IV line movement without restrictions. And – no more IV lines hanging over the bedrail or picking up unwanted germs! This gives a whole new meaning to both Nursing and Patient freedom.