SecureGlide™ Line Organizer: OR Version

*Note: Due to COVID19, this product is currently on backorder.

SecureGlide™ OR version manages up to 12 IV lines. With safe, easy transfer from the OR table to transport gurney, to PACU, to the patient’s bed, the SecureGlide OR improves organization and speeds patient transfers. 

  • Includes tray and three individual IV line holders
  • Available in 4 line version: Click Here

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  • 1-20 units = $16.00 each
  • 21 units & greater = $14.50 each


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Our goal with this product is to eliminate the tangled mess of IV lines associated with major surgical procedures in the Operating Room. While IV lines are usually manageable in the OR, once the patient begins transportation out of surgery, until they reach ICU, the multiple IV lines become a tangled mess resembling spaghetti. Any RN who’s had to deal with six or more lines knows keeping them organized can be a nightmare. But with our uniquely designed system, up to 12-IV lines stay organized because the tray from the OR is just repositioned to the gurney and then to the head of the ICU bed. No tangles, no mess. As the patient is weened off the IV drips, the lines can be removed from the 12- IV Line Organizer and remaining lines repositioned. As the numbers of IV Lines further reduce, the tray can be easily disassembled and the separate 4-Line Organizers can be clicked out of the tray and used individually. Each 4-Line Organizer comes with it’s own Velcro attachment strap which easily attaches to the bedrail.