We produce innovative medical systems with the healthcare provider in mind.

Let’s face it – we live in litigious times and risk management teams are always striving to improve patient care outcomes. So are we.

Three Goals:

Our first goal is to improve and simplify the workload of medical employees and physicians. We believe our patented Ankle Cradle and Knee Support System helps achieve this by comfortably immobilizing the patient’s lower extremities during medical procedures reducing the incidence of heel pressure ulcers. Why settle for a lower quality of care and higher risk when our innovative system protects patients better with less stress, liability, and overall cost? 

Our second goal is to alleviate as much pain and suffering as possible related to the specific areas of heel pressure ulcers for patients undergoing surgeries or hospitalizations. This begins with our innovative two-part system in the ED, OR, or Cath Lab and continues until the time of discharge. 

Many studies, referenced within this website, indicate that patients hospitalized for surgical procedures are at a much higher risk for developing a variety of pressure ulcers, including on the heels. But the Ankle Cradle and Knee Support System can help reduce these possibilities.